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What is this devops thing?

For the last couple of years I’ve been struggling a bit with the idea of devops. At the root of it, was my own lack of clarity about what devops is. My question remained unanswered and it wasn’t for the want of trying. I went to conferences, attended talks, read articles and met with people […]

Will IoT change the way we design and use technology today?

Since a few days I think a lot about IoT, the concept, potential use-cases and implementations. If you look at IoT as a concept you will find out that it is about devices, communication, data storage and analytics. My weakness/love for embedded world doesn’t let me to overlook the IoT as an interesting subject. This […]

How to improve the front-end work in ASP.NET using Gulp?

Web developer’s work is becoming more and more concentrated on the browser side. Nowadays, applications have extensive business logic on the client side, validations, and data download from multiple sources. This is particularly evident in SPA applications (Single Page Application), in which sole function of the server may be returning the page sources and responding […]

Back the heck up!

Some years ago I noticed personal ad inside a bus shelter about lost laptop, with a reward guaranteed if found (someone had left it accidentally in that particular one). Begging tone did not mention value of the hardware. It was crying out loss of two years of work – files with the owner’s Master’s Thesis. […]

Feature Toggle

It’s common that internal projects in Objectivity suffer from constant shortages and high turnover of developers. This is usually paired with pressure on frequent (1-2 weeks’) releases and rapidly changing requirements. This raises a number of challenges to design a software development process in a way that it’s simple to master by the ever-changing team and […]

Non-Functional Requirements tips

Do you explicitly address Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) in your projects? If the answer is NO, then this article is addressed to you! These 6 tips will help you avoid some serious trouble.   Always consider NFRs, even if the client can’t see it that way How often do you hear that there are no specific […]

When to use (and not to use) CQRS

Introduction From the perspective of architecture, Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS in short)  is a pattern relying on separation of commands (performing actions) from queries (returning data). In the simplest way, it may be implemented by segregating methods into separate classes by command-query responsibility. A more advanced solution requires two separate parts of the system handling reads […]

16 essential things about Objectivity, (not only) for potential developers

Some time ago (March 26th), we organized the second “open door” day at Objectivity. We hosted 135 guests, who participated in a number of different talks prepared by our employees. Topics were chosen by the attendees, who voted electronically during the registration process. The event was so popular that at some point we run out […]

How to deliver features in a stable way?

As we all know, anywhere there is a business need, we developers show up. With ideas… Great ideas! In the past, for one of our customers, it happened quite often that features we started even at the beginning of sprint, were not ready for release due to complexity or change in requirements. This frustrated developers, […]

Application Strategy – De-clutter the Application Landscape

How long do you think it takes to remove and retire a system for a typical large organisation? If you are one of those who thinks a few days or a few weeks would be enough – then hold on tight! For a large global organisation, it takes months if not years to make only […]