How to be a good leader?

A while ago, our company participated in ‘’happiness index’’ survey, which selected the happiest tribes. In order to get to know the secret of their happiness level being so high, I’ve decided to ask Tribe Masters to give an interview and talk about the role of a leader and the aspects of relation-building inside a […]

The risk of assumptions

Recently we held Junior PM Challenge – a recruitment event for those, who want to become Project Managers. During the journey of the future PMs, one of the paths we went through was risks management.    Our event attendees enhanced their knowledge about its process: how to analyse, handle and monitor risks. Learned how to respond to the risk and identify one. Victory seemed inevitable, […]

Java applications in Docker environment

Business applications are becoming more and more complex, they are expected to be reliable and fully accessible (the so-called Zero Downtime Deployment). In order to support business, very frequently we need to apply complex solutions, e.g. several databases (including relational and non-relational ones). We require low costs and high availability, if necessary, i.e. auto-scaling. One […]