Objectivity contributing to ‘AI for business’ report

A special report ‘AI for Business’ by Raconteur published in yesterday’s The Sunday Times (12th May).

Artificial intelligence is a topic that dominates global research. The field of data science has been steadily accelerating over the past decade and is now an integral part of business strategy for many successful companies.

The Raconteur report explores the value artificial intelligence can bring to a business. With consultation from many leading AI experts and based on the latest data and insights, it helps anyone involved in AI research to make the most of the knowledge available today.

Marta Markiewicz, Head of AI & Data Science at Objectivity, in her article “Making a success of AI projects” explains what artificial intelligence can do for your organisation and that it requires collaboration with an experienced partner in delivering successful transformation. Marta talked on how AI has become one of the most powerful tools businesses can use to transform how they operate.

You can access the full version of the report here: https://www.raconteur.net/ai-business-2019

Scope of the Report: AI and national security: Exploring the relationship between big tech and nation-state AI; The rise of self-service analytics: Pre-built algorithms and off-the-shelf tools; From Automation to Augmentation: Human augmentation is set to transform the world of work.

AI is here, with its practical applications and forecasts; but Is your company ready for it?

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