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Part 2: How to create a nice presentation? Fonts!

Google host an entire font directory containing over 650 fonts for free. However, many of us have a huge problem when pairing font faces. In my previous post (click here), I showed you how to select a striking palette of colours for your presentations and other projects. In this blog post, I would like to […]

How to create a nice presentation? Colours!

If you have read my previous post probablly you remember I have mentioned about art skills of UI Developers. It is a one of reason why many collegous ask me for a help to find a nice set of colours and face fonts for their presentations. Sounds familiar? If you also has this kind of […]

Who is the UI Developer?

  The UI developer is a hybrid. He or she is: a web developer, a web designer basic user experience specialist Many of you could think 3 in 1, however one UI developer cannot replace all these people. It is more like a bridge between different roles making everybody’s work easier and faster. Sometimes the UI can […]

UX and UI – are they the same?

Roles of UX and UI are very often confused and misunderstood in IT world. These terms are connected with the word “user” which may cause many missteps. One thing is certain, both roles take care of the user’s work comfort on delivered software. So what exactly is the difference between UX and UI during software […]