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Krzysztof Litwin

Give before you get

I would like to tell you about something that I believe in and live according to. Give before you get. Might sound simple, obvious to you, but consider if you live this way or at least realise what it can give you. Mark Suster, on his blog, raised a good point that we live in an […]


This post is based on my experience and believes. If you have different thoughts or experience, I would be delighted to read about it in the comments section below. How should cooperation and relationships be shaped in the IT company? My view is only based on IT companies, because I simply don’t have too much […]

Estimations: How I do it

Throughout my career I have estimated work required for delivering a feature in various ways, such as man-days, man-hours or story points. I wasn’t always a project manager and, before now I used to be a decent developer. I am also quite experienced as a scrum master. This means that I’ve seen estimations from all […]