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Data Scientists at Objectivity – an interview

No matter big or small, companies around the world have been experimenting with AI to stay competitive in their respective markets and explore the benefits delivered by digital transformation. According to Harvard Business Review, Data Scientist is the Sexiest Job of the century! We caught up with Marta Markiewicz and Michał Zgrzywa, Heads of Data […]

Becoming a Business Analyst for the German Market at Objectivity

Objectivity is expanding on the German market and thus we are looking for more Business Analysts who speak German. Below you will find an FAQ of everything you wanted to know about a BA role at Objectivity but were too afraid to ask. If you see yourself as a good link between a company and […]

Being a Team Leader at Objectivity – what is it all about?

What does it mean to be a Team Leader at Objectivity? How is this role different from such position at other companies? Is our Team Leader the same as a Line Manager at your workplace? How does this function work in our team? The most reliable information comes from the source. This is why we […]