Objectivity is expanding on the German market and thus we are looking for more Business Analysts who speak German. Below you will find an FAQ of everything you wanted to know about a BA role at Objectivity but were too afraid to ask. If you see yourself as a good link between a company and its clients, come and join us.

BA role at Objectivity

  1. Does the work of our teams and BA differs from that of other companies? What makes it special?

To answer the questions saying ‘’Agile’’ would be a cliché. We really encourage and even push our BAs to lead not only projects but our clients as well. We recommend applying this approach: both parties have the same goal – to deliver good quality software that maximises business value. Thus, we should join forces to do it in the best possible way.

  1. What does the role of a Business Analyst look like in a project?

Why not to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Check what our people have to say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl3cOFfLDXk

3. How close should the relationship between BA and the client be?

A BA should be working very closely with the client. The word “with” is very important here – we believe that one of the key factors of a successful project is to work with the customer, and not for the customer. It’s no longer a role that only asks questions and writes down all the necessary information. In the Digital Transformation era, a BA is expected to lead, challenge and seek the best solutions in order to achieve business goals.

  1. What kind of clients and projects can our Business Analyst work with?

This is a hard question as we value diversity. Industries our clients represent vary from retail to public sector. The next project might come from the medical, production or even aviation sector. The solutions we deliver vary in size and complexity. Your involvement and responsibility level depend on arrangements with the client and their needs.

No matter the scope of a project we always build a long-term relationship with the client.

  1. What might pose a challenge in this role?

The nature of this role might be challenging since BAs should be capable of confronting and questioning everything in order to get to the bottom of the problem or a business goal.

In order to deliver the best solution, a BA should be able to:

  • step into the end-user’s shoes,
  • think about customer experience,
  • make sure we see and understand the big picture, i.e. customer business model, and
  • focus on a product value, not on a project release.

The challenge for an analyst is definitely time constraint. Business Analyst path has evolved somewhat and is much closer to consulting now. Analysts not only “translate” but also advise clients on solutions that suit their needs. It may seem to be hard at first but it certainly gives a lot of satisfaction.

  1. Which languages and markets do BAs work with?

We are present on various markets but primarily we work with German and British companies. It gives us the opportunity to learn about different business cultures.
We know how important seamless communication is, thus we invest in our people and enable them to constantly improve their language skills. We do offer language classes within our company.

  1. Who BAs work the most often with?

Our BAs get to work with various roles both within the company and on the client’s side. It happens that we also work with third party vendors. Project collaboration is a chance to get to know different groups of people – people from different levels in the organization (C-level executives, subject matter experts), people with business and technical backgrounds.

  1. What can you learn as a BA?

The BA role is about learning new domains and business models. Each BA prefers different tools and techniques to work with and we are not afraid to experiment with new trends and technologies based on BA Technology Radar.

We share knowledge via Discussion panels or BA Day Away to learn from one another. In this way, we do not force anybody to stick to one particular method, and one can also learn from fellow BAs that might have already faced similar problems. This is a very important aspect of BA work. We trust that sharing successes and failures is also beneficial for greater BA community and this is why we run BAM – Business Analyst Meetup in Wroclaw.

  1. What is guild and how do Business Analysts work at Objectivity?

A guild is a type of Department that focuses on particular competences. The Business Analysis and Design Guild at Objectivity focuses on supporting BAs in any possible way in order to succeed in delivery. A guild gives the team room to share knowledge, best practices and case studies. We try to take advantage of our experience (gained at Objectivity or in an external environment) to embrace our capabilities and excellence.

As BAs, we work in a dedicated team as an individual or as a member of BA team. For some of our clients we deliver value as a group, supporting one big application.


  1. If I am recruited for the German Market, will I work exclusively with German clients?

We are expanding on German Market because that’s where we acquired new clients and opened new branch. Nevertheless, the workload of projects keeps changing. Most likely you will get a chance to work on various projects from various markets. That’s why your knowledge of English is as important to us as your German.

  1. Does a BA role requires traveling to Germany?

To better understand our client’s challenges and needs we often work on their premises to gain trust and get to know their business firsthand. We have Clients in Berlin, Pforzheim, Flynsburg, Frankfurt and Munich. Fortunately, there are convenient connections that allow us to take morning flight from Wrocław, work at client’s office and come back home the same day. It’s crucial for us that our clients can always count on us.

  1. What are the projects Objectivity has worked on in Germany?

We have been successfully delivering software to German clients for the past couple of years. We have worked for various industries: real estate, automotive or transportation. Recently we have worked on digital twin for a manufacturing company. We have also worked on a digital transformation ecosystem, that has been awarded with Handelsblatt Diamond Star Award.

Still not sure if you are a good match? It’s worth mentioning here that BA toolset can be acquired – what we focus on is the candidate’s BA mindset. As an inspiration check the story of Kasia Nowak-Rybka, our Guild Master who became a BA after working in Academia:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rZnbip-fvo&t=