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How to be a good leader?

A while ago, our company participated in ‘’happiness index’’ survey, which selected the happiest tribes. In order to get to know the secret of their happiness level being so high, I’ve decided to ask Tribe Masters to give an interview and talk about the role of a leader and the aspects of relation-building inside a […]

Becoming a Business Analyst for the German Market at Objectivity

Objectivity is expanding on the German market and thus we are looking for more Business Analysts who speak German. Below you will find an FAQ of everything you wanted to know about a BA role at Objectivity but were too afraid to ask. If you see yourself as a good link between a company and […]

Is it possible to recruit great data scientists?

Creative thinking and a little mathematics provide some interesting insights. Data & artificial intelligence seem to be high on every CIOs wish list. Data scientists and associated roles are literally worth their weight in gold. A quick search on Google Trends shows there has never been a greater interest than now. Finding talented people can […]

Getting insights from the ABSL Summit

For years the majority of Objectivity’s growth was organic. I am confident that so far, we have done a pretty good job looking at our people, clients, projects and GPTW results. However, there is about 700 of us today and we are not living in a vacuum. The world is changing fast and there are […]

Digital Workplace Exchange – transforming workplaces

In June 2019, we took part in the Digital Workplace Exchange Summit in Berlin. The conference is aimed at IT decision makers who are influencing the digital transformation inside their organizations and take responsibility for digitalizing their workplace. The attendees came from all over Europe from various industries to exchange experiences and get ideas on […]

Business Analyst – a Navy Seals leader without a gun

Ar Ramadi, Iraq – the city where many serious battles took place during the American occupation in 2003-2005. At that time, I was still a university student, but on the site,  there was Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, who were the officers of Navy Seals. Today, they are running a company called “Echelon Front’’, thanks to which they transfer knowledge and experience in the scope […]

“Start IT Mum!” supported by our mentors

“Start IT Mum!” is an education program powered by Objectivity. The purpose of this project is to engage professionally inactive mums. We received over one hundred applications from women who want to join the program and start a new adventure with testing. Requirements are simple: practical knowledge of English (B2 level), availability in afternoon hours, […]

Principled Negotiations

I got inspired today and decided to share some thoughts on negotiations. I do not remember going to any type of training about negotiation skills, so everything below is conclusions of my personal experience and things that I learned over time. So it’s highly probable, that you already know all of that. In my past, […]

Generating value without writing a line of code? Objectivity can!

Recently, I had a pleasure to take part in a rather non-standard project at Objectivity. Not only was it extremely short, as it only lasted two weeks, but, what`s more surprising, it also didn`t aim at developing any software. What sort of venture was it then? Background: Our client is one of the worldwide leading […]

IT systems design in the eyes of a PM

Have you ever had an opportunity to manage a project with business and technical requirements being documented before the beginning of the project? And while presenting the first (or another) version of the project, it turned out that the Client had seen it differently? Or maybe you have taken part in a project having no […]