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The risk of assumptions

Recently we held Junior PM Challenge – a recruitment event for those, who want to become Project Managers. During the journey of the future PMs, one of the paths we went through was risks management.    Our event attendees enhanced their knowledge about its process: how to analyse, handle and monitor risks. Learned how to respond to the risk and identify one. Victory seemed inevitable, […]

Low-code solution serving patients with challenging behaviour

When I first heard about the topic of the Mendix On Tour hackathon, I started wondering how an app can help people with challenging behaviour and learning disabilities? Fortunately, I have colleagues who proved that amazing things are possible when you give a team of creative people one day to develop a solution. Mendix On […]

Flexible estimation through simple BI – Power BI with Azure DevOps

It all starts with “give me the number”. When I’m working on a product with my client, we tend to ask each other a gazillion of questions, although the most common ones are: How much will it cost? How much functionality is good enough to enter the market and not fall short of potential users’ […]

Becoming a PM at Objectivity

After the first edition of Junior PM Challenge at Objectivity, I have the pleasure to be a mentor for one of the participants, who has been hired as a Junior Project Coordinator. I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others, so I approached the mentoring with a huge dose of optimism and involvement. One […]

Low-code development in the eyes of a Business Analyst

At the end of February, we had an initial visit to a store which sells luxury products. Three weeks after the meeting, we’ve had the first planning session and three months later, working together with two developers, our team was able to complete the development of a CRM solution.  This included the UAT phase as […]

From team management to team cooperation

For me, as a project manager, this story started when the team was already 3 months behind schedule with delivering the agreed functionality. On one side I had a frustrated client, who did not seem to understand the reason of our delay. On the other side – there was a strongly discouraged team, as the […]

How to create a project team by means of artificial intelligence?

The authors of the post made an attempt to address the following question by participating in hackathon IDEAapp_2018, organised by Objectivity, and aimed at creating an application for team building, which was part of the initiative. Three experts in Low-Code platform, a Data Scientist and a project management office representative took part in the event. […]

Failure of Success

I’m reading an e-mail from a client and I can’t believe my own eyes. He is asking me to present him a forecast for another service package for a reduced team? How come? I’ve just received compliments and positive feedback on professionalism, pace of work and our involvement after the end of a-few-month release. The […]

Design sprint in one day?

How we used three stages of the design sprint in just one day to create a concept of an application for helping people. Introduction The purpose of the sprint was to build a concept of an application, which would create quick access to professionals that could be able to help people in need (medically), and […]

My first project at Objectivity – PM summary

This is the last part of the story describing my first project that taught me more than any other project that I have taken part in. In the previous posts (part 1, part 2 and part 3), you had a chance to learn about the mistakes we made while preparing, initiating and delivering the project. […]