International Data Corporation (IDC), founded in 1964, predicts that “in 2020, 67% of enterprise infrastructure and software will be cloud-based.” Cloud will grow in strength. That’s why we’ve prepared a roundup of interesting numbers that will show you what you should keep an eye on and why we can help you move forward.


Consulting powerhouses suggest that businesses should embrace the cloud

John A. Zachman, a business and IT consultant, and a pioneer of enterprise architecture, in one of his articles says:

The whole idea of Enterprise Architecture is to enable the Enterprise to address orders of magnitude increases in complexity and orders of magnitude increases in the rate of change.

The world is changing rapidly and businesses need to keep up. We know that because the projects we deliver increasingly leverage the cloud.

We’ve drawn on our experience and the market knowledge of IDGForbesKPMGIDC and others to create this infographic. It allows you to quickly gain a little more knowledge about the current cloud trends, and why we can help you move forward in this topic.

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Cloudcapabilities Infographic