How can Amazon’s Alexa improve the life of a community?


Discovery and ideation workshop

Improving the life of a community using modern technology like Amazon’s Alexa? Why not!

On 27th November, together with Amazon, we have run a design workshop for the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The idea was: engage a local community and find the best ways in which Alexa can aid their day-to-day lives.

We have sent 2 User Experience designers, 1 Business Analyst, and 1 sales representative as facilitators of the workshop session.

During the workshop, participants discussed the challenges and problems that they encounter in their daily lives, in the context of public services and Council’s work. We divided the attendees into 3 groups, where they talked about problems and prioritized them.

Each group chose one challenge they wanted to work on and ideate solutions for. Alexa and its’ possible use cases was a basis for generating ideas. Participants tried to think of how to use voice user interface technology to make their lives in the borough easier. In the end, all groups presented their ideas and created storyboards.

The result: 3 maps of challenges, 3 personas, and 3 storyboards picturing the concept of the solution. Good design sprint guarantees a basis for a solution that solves the right problems. We helped to define the problems of the local community and their objectives in solving them. The ideas that the workshop produced can now be utilised to prepare a Proof of Concept of the solution (and then taken even further).