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Adrianna Kołosowska-Ryżewska

Adrianna Kołosowska-Ryżewska

Let’s get motivated!

How about broadening our employees’ responsibility instead of increasing their salary? What if we created a workplace where people can develop and share their knowledge, instead of enhancing their package? And what if we went for giving them a possibility to set their individual way of achieving goals, instead of gain sharing. Sounds controversial? But yet…

The majority of businesses struggle with issue of how to create an organisation in which staff is enabled to achieve goals set internally and is willing to work to these targets. That’s why there are various incentive schemes and models to suit different business needs. The most common processes are based on financial and material motivators like bonus schemes or benefit packages. But are they really the most effective factors and do they attain the desired result?

Across the IT sector, employers need to reward their staff with both competitive salaries and other pay enhancements and benefits. So how can the industry motivate employees working with already generous packages?

Firstly, let’s give people a sense of autonomy that is a possibility to influence their tasks, self-reliance and free hand to choose and achieve goals. Let’s employ people, who are independent and mature, cooperative and devoted, who know what duties they are capable of, those who do not fear complex tasks.

Secondly, let’s enable our employees to develop their competencies, let’s create in them a strong inner belief that they are capable of completing the task assigned to them. Let’s provide them with valuable induction, internal training (both technical and in soft skills), external courses and conferences. Let’s make them share their knowledge and experience, encourage them to give feedback on every level of organisational structure and on every stage of work.

And thirdly – we need to highlight team’s objective and reinforce the value and importance of collaborative efforts and engagement. Let’s build teams composed of people who want to work together and aspire to achieve their goals.

No complicated systems and procedures are needed to fulfil the above assumptions. What we need is responsibility, cooperation, good communication and positive energy among people in our organization.

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