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Michał Zgrzywa

Movember: Who should get the iPad?

This will be a short one – just to let you know about the current statistics of the Movember. And to hypothesize who should get the iPad.

To the topic, then.

Current participants per Guild


As you can see, not all the guilds are actively participating in the Movember. This is particulary sad that such noble guilds like HR, Finance or even People and Resources do not have even one volunteer. Shame on you!

% of Mo Bro in each guild

Per Guild

This is a different view on the same data. You can observe what part of each guild is already participating in the Movember.

You will easily spot which guild is excelling here. If we need a good, fact-based method of choosing who should get the iPad, I propose the following algorithm:

  1. Choose the most participating guild
  2. Give the iPad to a random Mo Bro from this guild

 % of MO Bro in each Tribe

Per Tribe

Here you can see what part of each tribe is participating in the Movember. Not all the tribes are already full in. Probably a lot of Ladies there.

Best regards, Michal

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4 thoughts in Comments

  1. Łukasz Olczyk

    There are two things that worry me about this. First is that we can expect the grand jury to have developed a very sophisticated ranking algorithm. For example, based on such objective factors as density, lenghth, curvyness and, of course, the most important (and objective) one – style. Which altogether, will probably rule over your proposal. My second worry is by an order of magnitude more serious. I did a trial run of Movember over last five days. Well, let’s just say I expect first three weeks to be a painful visual reminder of adolescence 😉

  2. Waldorf

    Did Operations Research fix the sex recognition algorithm? If not the above plots referring to numer of bros are not reliable…

  3. Artur Czartoryski

    Did Operations Research check all input data ? As far as I know, from Internal Infrastructure there are 3 Mo-Bro on the list on 5th floor 😉


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