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Movember stats: when, who and where?

Again, short update on Movember stats.


Two following graphs are showing when Mo-Bros were joining. First – by day:

JoinedDaysYou can see that we had three waves. The first wave were the “early adopters”, joining just after the announcement. The second wave (also containing me) were the “wise people” that have consulted / negotiated the terms with their wives before joining just after the weekend. The third wave (possibly mobilised by Peter’s mail from China) was a bit late (but still counts).

This is also interesting to look closer at the first day, when the most people have joined.


The invitation was published after 11. Just before 12 Marta has threatened to kiss the poor people who will join next. I was expecting a sudden drop from 12 but this was not the case. The number of Mo-Bro that have joined at 12 has even increased. The drop came at 13, when Marta recalled her offer and switched it to Snickers. What does it tell about us – I really do not know.


The next three graphs are showing who have joined Movember. This time only men were calculated in the percentage values. First, by Guild:


Then, by Tribe:



Finally, the last graph shows the Mo-Bros split by the office:


You can notice quite high percentage for the UK office. I assume that this is a result of cultural differences. Moustache are probably considered to be stylish there.

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2 thoughts in Comments

  1. Agnieszka

    I did not realized that we have also something like… creative statistics. I always thought it concerns only the accounting.

  2. Peter B-S

    It wasn’t a competition, but very interesting to see that the UK won!!

    Also, I’m not sure that “stylish” is a word I would use to describe most of our pitiful efforts 🙂


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