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Part 2: How to create a nice presentation? Fonts!

Google host an entire font directory containing over 650 fonts for free. However, many of us have a huge problem when pairing font faces. In my previous post (click here), I showed you how to select a striking palette of colours for your presentations and other projects. In this blog post, I would like to show you some great tools for finding and pairing font faces in order to make your presentation pop!

1. Type genius


This is my favorite online tool. You select a starter font and ‘Type genius’ finds you another font that matches perfectly, showing you a live example. It’s as simple as can be!

2. Font pair


As the slogan says “Font Pair helps designers pair Google Fonts together”. You can choose the type of font matching that you are interested in e.g. sans-serif with serif font. This tool will show you how the fonts will look in a live example. You can download each font with its pair directly from Google Fonts.

3. Femmebot


‘Femmebot’ provides a nice set of fonts used to present parts of tales from Aesop’s Fables. You will find that they provide not only greatly paired fonts, but also beautiful pictures of nature. Each font used on Femmebot is available from Google Fonts.

4. Wordmark


I have to confess that Wordmark has saved my life many times! I have a large set of fonts installed on my computer and sometimes I have a problem finding the font face that I need. With Wordmark, I have no more problems. I simply go to, type in an example word, then click the ‘load fonts’ button and a few seconds later, I get all my installed fonts in action on my screen. It’s pretty awesome!

So, are you still having problems with font pairings? I am sure not!

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