The functionality of the most popular web browser, which is Google Chrome, can be enhanced with extensions. You can find hundreds of useful extensions in Chrome Web Store. The key to Chrome extensions success is the fact, that they are relatively easy to develop. In this post I’m referring to articles about Chrome Development I’ve published on Simple Talk.

Angular Chrome extension app

As Angular allows to build Single Page Applications based on HTML and JavaScript resources, it can be a good framework for Chrome extension development, which is based on these technologies. My first article describes how to get started with Chrome Extension Angular app:

Developing a Google Chrome Extension using Angular 4

Securing Chrome extension with Azure AD

Some of the extensions might need authorization to show their content. One of the most popular methods of authorization for Single Page Applications is to use OAuth2 implicit grant flow. In this token-based method authorization is delegated to external authorization service. My second article shows how to implement such authorization for Angular Chrome extension using Azure AD:

Securing Angular-Based Chrome Extensions Using Azure AD and ASP.NET CORE

Build your own extension

The researches I’ve made helped me to achieve the goal, which was to prove Chrome extension can be developed using Angular. I hope that articles I’ve shared may be also helpful for you.