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“Start IT Mum!” supported by our mentors

“Start IT Mum!” is an education program powered by Objectivity. The purpose of this project is to engage professionally inactive mums. We received over one hundred applications from women who want to join the program and start a new adventure with testing. Requirements are simple: practical knowledge of English (B2 level), availability in afternoon hours, professional inactivity status and a big dose of enthusiasm.

The idea behind Start IT Mum

During the Skype conversation with all candidates, we singled out six of them and invited them to this program. “Start IT Mum!” is based on a series of lectures, workshops and mentoring sessions, preparing mums to work in IT industry. It is a good opportunity to spread out wings and experience new tasks. After finishing the program, one of the participants will be offered a 3 month fully paid internship as a “Junior Software Tester”

Mentors in the Start IT Mum project

IT Sisterhood

It’s all thanks to our volunteers and mentors – Ida Nowak, Anna Zacharewicz, Paula Łączyńska, Stefania Winkel, Justyna Iwasieczko, Monika Adamowicz, Nina Marcinkiewicz, Kamila Polańska and Beata Jaros. Their experience and knowledge will help mums break the ice with testing.

Our mentors were asked to share their testing observations and work experience in short interviews.  Justyna Iwasieczko has been supporting mums from the very beginning. She mentioned that this education program reminds her of her first steps in IT world:

“I decided to become a mentor in “Start IT Mum!” project, because quite recently I was part of the internship myself. I took part in a mentor process and changed my profession to a Junior Tester and later to a Regular Tester. I would like to encourage all undecided mums to take up the challenge and start working in IT industry 😊.”

Testing may sound like rocket science but in fact, this job is very rewarding and relatively easy to learn. Ida Nowak said: “The best job ever😊 I am the kind of person who likes to analyse everything and seeks areas for improvement. Working as a Quality Engineer gives me a chance to be in my element and live creatively.”

No boundaries

It is not a secret that IT world is dominated by men. But what allows women to be confident in this manly world?

“Communication skills and positive approach to life. Nowadays, IT world is not reserved for men only, you must believe in yourself, regardless of sex. Skills and competences matter the most.” – says Paulina Łączyńska

How can mums benefit from this professional retraining? We asked Nina Marcinkiewicz to list all the advantages of this new phenomenon.

“Friendly atmosphere is one of them, flexible working hours, employment market hungry for testers”

IT industry is one of the fastest-growing business sectors in Poland and in the world, offering many work opportunities and self-development.

We keep our finger crossed for mum testers-to-be and as well as the mentors! Thank you for your engagement and desire to share knowledge and experience.

If you are interested in the next phase of “Start IT Mum!” education program, please follow our Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


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