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Becoming a Business Analyst for the German Market at Objectivity

Objectivity is expanding on the German market and thus we are looking for more Business Analysts who speak German. Below you will find an FAQ of everything you wanted to know about a BA role at Objectivity but were too afraid to ask. If you see yourself as a good link between a company and […]

Flexible estimation through simple BI – Power BI with Azure DevOps

It all starts with “give me the number”. When I’m working on a product with my client, we tend to ask each other a gazillion of questions, although the most common ones are: How much will it cost? How much functionality is good enough to enter the market and not fall short of potential users’ […]

Business Analyst – a Navy Seals leader without a gun

Ar Ramadi, Iraq – the city where many serious battles took place during the American occupation in 2003-2005. At that time, I was still a university student, but on the site,  there was Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, who were the officers of Navy Seals. Today, they are running a company called “Echelon Front’’, thanks to which they transfer knowledge and experience in the scope […]

Principled Negotiations

I got inspired today and decided to share some thoughts on negotiations. I do not remember going to any type of training about negotiation skills, so everything below is conclusions of my personal experience and things that I learned over time. So it’s highly probable, that you already know all of that. In my past, […]

Why? What? How? Building Business Capability 2014

Recently I was able to attend the Building Business Capability Conference in Hollywood and would like to provide a short summary of what happened there. At the same time I would like to encourage you to ask me about anything that attracts your attention, I may not be able to answer all your questions in […]