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Low-code development in the eyes of a Business Analyst

At the end of February, we had an initial visit to a store which sells luxury products. Three weeks after the meeting, we’ve had the first planning session and three months later, working together with two developers, our team was able to complete the development of a CRM solution.  This included the UAT phase as […]

Business Analyst – a Navy Seals leader without a gun

Ar Ramadi, Iraq – the city where many serious battles took place during the American occupation in 2003-2005. At that time, I was still a university student, but on the site,  there was Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, who were the officers of Navy Seals. Today, they are running a company called “Echelon Front’’, thanks to which they transfer knowledge and experience in the scope […]

As a Business Analyst, I want to go for A Journey

I know that in my daily job every project needs to have a vision or at least goal that my client want (or rather should) follow. Famous questions “WHY? WHO? HOW? WHAT?” are repeated like mantra. All of them are equally important to achieve success.  Same as in a journey, where [frankly speaking] you are […]