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Anna Lisowska

Anna Lisowska

The value of interview feedback

“We will call you”.
Does this  sound familiar to you? 🙂 If you’re like most of us, the second you leave an interview room you’re already trying to figure out how well you did on your job interview. It’s natural to want to know if the interview went well or not. And you are waiting for an answer. And waiting. And waiting…

As a recruiter, I have the pleasure of giving hundreds of people good news about getting a job, however I also need to do the less funny part as well – telling people they have not been successful. That second part of my job is not cool but it’s as important as the first one.

What we do at Objectivity is building relationships with candidates before, during and after every interview. We try not to arrange an interrogation, instead we invite you to an open dialogue. We always say to the candidates: ”this recruitment meeting is time for both you and us”. It’s time to get to know each other. Of course we are not insane and we ask questions during the interview –  well, who doesn’t?! 🙂 But what is very important for us is to give  feedback to candidates already in the course of the meeting, after he or she has responded to technical questions. We do not want to create unnecessary tension and wonder “did I give a good answer?” and for this reason we try to keep the Candidate in the loop and tell them if the particular answer is OK or not. Sometimes candidates have another opinion or solutions. In that case we are willing to conduct short discussion about that. Candidates who do not know the answers to our questions are given correct answers straight away, so they can learn something new.

After the recruitment process we make a decision and deliver feedback. Why? It’s still time-consuming! Yes, we know that but we also know a number of reasons why we want to do that. Not only recruiters are involved in the recruitment process. The candidate devotes a lot of time to prepare CV and come to the interview (especially when we ask them to come for an all – day AC which we hold on Saturdays). They invest their time to present themselves and meet us closer. They’ve got a possibility to take an assessment. We respect that and give feedback.

We believe that the recruitment isn’t just a process but an experience. The candidate can still get something positive from an interview, even if he or she didn’t get the job in our company. We give them information, which they can use and improve their chances of being perceived as a successful candidate next time. Feedback has value only when we do something with it.

Our recruitment is based on the word of mouth – candidates are very likely to tell their inner circle of friends about their experience. Our success is when a candidate, who has failed in our recruitment process, recommends our company to their friends. 60% of our employees are from recommendations. Moreover, we have even started working with one of our clients because of one candidate. Therefore, management of candidate experience has a very positive influence on business relations – one tester who took part in our recruitment process have moved to Berlin and started working for a German company which was looking for a new supplier. He had told his bosses about us and one day they just called us and after a few talks we started our cooperation. Cool, right? 🙂

Sometimes, we get back to those candidates who have failed or those who haven’t chosen us a few months or years ago. During my time at Objectivity, I have seen many great examples of how to accept and use received interview feedback. I have seen people take feedback on board and work on the identified gaps, then come back for a second or third time until they land the job in our great place to work!

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